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Rowland Heights Divorce Lawyer & Family Law Attorney

Diamond Bar Divorce Lawyer Hugh Douglas WhittemoreRowland Heights Family Law Lawyer Hugh Douglas Whittemore has 35 years’ experience successfully assisting clients in Rowland Heights and beyond with matters of divorce, child custody, child visitation, support, property division and valuation, post-judgment changes, and paternity as well as other cases such as DUI, bankruptcy, and evictions.

Rowland Heights Attorney Hugh Whittemore supports clients through effective legal advice. He believes every case deserves personal attention. Mr. Whittemore’s experience and work ethic enable him to create sensible solutions for many family law disputes and other legal matters.

Our law firm serves the communities of Los Angeles County and all of Southern California. Client phone calls and emails are returned promptly. Whenever new information or a new development comes up in a case, we make sure the client is aware of it as well. To make an appointment for a private consultation, contact us at (714) 870-9197.


Family Law Lawyer For Clients in Rowland Heights, CA

Our family law firm accepts a variety of cases. Mr. Whittemore is a Rowland Heights Lawyer wiRowland Heights Divorce Lawyer Hugh Douglas Whittemoreth many years of experience representing clients. Our firm has achieved favorable results in many family law disputes and matters, including those listed below.

Divorce Attorney

For individuals facing divorce, Rowland Heights Divorce Lawyer Whittemore can provide reliable legal advice. He will explain your rights as well as the benefits and risks associated with each decision that needs to be made in the process of divorce.

Property Division Lawyer | Asset Valuation

Rowland Heights Divorce Attorney and Property Division Attorney Hugh Douglas Whittemore works to resolve legal disputes that arise during divorce or separation. Our law firm provides strong defense to clients involved in a property division dispute.

Child Custody Lawyer and Child Visitation Attorney

Parents who are about to separate or divorce must put arrangements in place regarding the care of their children. Our child custody attorney can help men or women create shared legal custody, sole legal custody, shared physical custody, and sole physical custody agreements that reflect what is in the child’s best interests. If you have questions about visitation or custody, please call our office to consult with Child Visitation Lawyer Whittemore.

Child Support Attorney

There are many aspects to calculating accurate and proper child support. Rowland Heights Divorce Attorney Hugh D. Whittemore is a child support lawyer able to effectively negotiate and litigate to achieve client goals. He provides comprehensive legal representation and is able to handle child support enforcement matters.

Spousal Support Attorney

Alimony, or spousal support payments, are generally left to the courts to award. Our spousal support lawyer researches spousal support cases in order to ensure all pertinent information is taken into consideration.

Changing a Court Order | Post-Judgment Modifications Lawyer

In situations where a financial reversal or other change has occurred to one of the ex-spouses, there may be valid grounds for a post-judgment modification. If you have questions and need assistance with making a change to a court order, please contact the post-judgment modifications attorney at our law firm. We are able to assist clients even when they previously used other representation in the case.

Paternity Attorney

Some situations require parentage to be established before it is possible to move forward with child support, visitation, or custody matters. Rowland Heights Family Law Attorney and Paternity Lawyer Doug Whittemore helps women and men in such cases and works diligently to protect their rights.

Legal Representation for Evictions, Bankruptcy, and DUI

The law firm of Rowland Heights Family Law Lawyer Hugh D. Whittemore is able to assist clients who need to evict a tenant, file for bankruptcy, or gain representation for DUI charges. If you are in need of a DUI attorney, unlawful detainer lawyer, or bankruptcy lawyer, please call our office to schedule a consultation.

Call to Consult With a Knowledgeable Family Law Attorney

Rowland Heights Family Law Attorney Whittemore has decades of experience representing clients in various areas of the law. To arrange a confidential consultation, dial (714) 870-9197 to reach our office or complete our online case evaluation. After we receive your information, we will look it over and contact you to arrange your appointment.

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