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Placentia Divorce Lawyer | Hugh Douglas Whittemore

Placentia Family Law Lawyer Hugh Douglas Whittemore offers individuals in Placentia, Orange County, and Southern California skilled representation for a variety of family law needs. With more than 35 years’ experience, our family law firm is able to provide reliable counsel on issues of divorce, child support, child custody, child visitation, spousal support, paternity, post-judgement modifications, property division, and more.

As an experienced Placentia family law attorney, Mr. Whittemore understands these legal concerns. He is dedicated to protecting client rights while adhering to the highest legal principles. This method enables our firm to achieve positive outcomes in behalf of clients.Placentia Divorce Attorney Hugh Douglas Whittemore

Attorney Doug Whittemore provides personalized representation and counsel. As a no-nonsense, practical family law lawyer, he combines experience and knowledge to help clients reach legal goals.

Contact the Law Offices of Placentia Family Law Attorney Whittemore by calling (714) 870-9197. After discussing your legal concerns, Placentia Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Lawyer Doug Whittemore will provide an honest case analysis and thorough evaluation.

At our family law firm, we return client telephone calls and emails quickly. We make sure clients are informed of any new developments in their case. Call our law office today to gain reliable legal counsel on your family law matters.


Family Law Lawyer for Placentia

Having over 35 years’ experience, Family Law Attorney Whittemore has built a reputation in Placentia, California for creating favorable family law case outcomes. From the initial consultation through the final judgment or settlement of a case, Child Visitation Attorney and Placentia Family Law Lawyer Doug Whittemore zealously fights in behalf of his clients.

We accept a range of family law matters, including the following practice areas.

Placentia Attorney Hugh Whittemore | Other Practice Areas

Mr. Whittemore is not only a skilled family law attorney and parental relocation lawyer, but is also able to provide Placentia clients with counsel and representation in the following areas:

Consult with a Knowledgeable Placentia Divorce Attorney

Placentia Lawyer Hugh Douglas Whittemore provides representation as a seasoned litigator and effective negotiator for a variety of legal needs. Our office strives to educate clients fully regarding what legal options are available in their case. We help clients find the best solution to meet their needs and reduce the potential for future conflict.

Our goal is to secure fair and just outcomes that preserve client rights. Family Law Attorney and Parental Relocation Attorney Hugh Douglas Whittemore provides intelligent legal advice to achieve favorable outcomes.

Please call Placentia Family Law Lawyer Douglas Whittemore at (714) 870-9197 to schedule a consultation regarding your case. Alternatively, our case evaluation form can be completed and submitted. After reviewing your information, we will contact you to discuss your matter.

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