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Fullerton Child Visitation Attorney Hugh Douglas Whittemore

Diamoond Bar Divorce Attorney Hugh Douglas WhittemoreWelcome to the Law Office of Fullerton Child Visitation Lawyer Hugh Douglas Whittemore.

Mr. Whittemore has more than 35 years’ experience working diligently to guide clients through the process of obtaining a reasonable and acceptable Child Visitation schedule and Parenting Plan.

A skilled negotiator and seasoned courtroom litigator, Mr. Whittemore strives to fight to protect the best interests of his clients. Child Visitation Attorney Doug Whittemore will make every prudent attempt to settle your visitation dispute via settlement negotiations.

However, when the other party is not amenable to fully engaging in negotiations, Mr. Whittemore possesses extensive courtroom experience and won’t hesitate to litigate your case to ensure that his clients are able to maintain a continuous, ongoing relationship with their children.  

Devoted to delivering honest, intelligent legal counsel and representation, Fullerton Child Visitation Lawyer Doug Whittemore facilitates a close working relationship with his clients to obtain a comprehensive understanding of their goals and objectives.

Contact the Law Office of Hugh Douglas Whittemore at (714) 870-9197 to set up an appointment for a confidential, in-depth consultation with a leading Family Law practitioner.

Mr. Whittemore will meticulously review your concerns, answer your questions, and provide an honest and realistic case analysis. Additionally, Attorney Doug Whittemore will thoroughly explain all potential case strategies and potential outcomes, thereby educating his clients to enable them to make well thought out and intelligent decisions. Fullerton Child Visitation Attorney Hugh Douglas Whittemore

Mr. Whittemore and his office staff are dedicated to providing attentive client representation. All client calls and electronic communications will be addressed in a timely manner, you will be kept apprised of your case status and progress, and we will contact you immediately if new information should arise that will directly affect the outcome of your matter.   

Child Visitation Lawyer in Fullerton

The Law Office of Fullerton Child Visitation Lawyer Hugh Douglas Whittemore has been successfully representing individuals in child visitation cases since 1985.

One of the area’s most respected Family Law Attorneys, Mr. Whittemore has helped thousands of clients throughout the course of his esteemed career resolve their visitation disputes, and focuses on creating comprehensive parenting plans designed to promote and foster a close, loving relationship with their children.  

Whether you and your partner are separated or have filed for divorce and children are involved, it is crucial that you hire a highly experienced and tenacious Child Visitation Attorney who will fight vigorously to preserve your parental rights.  

A successful parenting plan sets forth clear and unambiguous terms for visitation, and minimizes the potential for future conflict and litigation.

A comprehensive parenting plan uses exact language, leaving very little room for confusion. The following provisions help attain this goal, and generally include the following:  

Should the parents determine that they are unable to agree to the terms of visitation and a parenting plan via settlement negotiations, litigation will be required to settle the disputed issues.

However, the downside of litigation is that the terms of visitation will be decided by those who do not fully understand the family dynamics in question. It can be emotionally draining and costly, and generally leaves both parties at odds with each other. Litigated Child Visitation matters typically result in future litigation. Due to these factors, the parties should make every reasonable effort, guided by their respective lawyers, to settle the matter amongst themselves.

Contact Fullerton Child Visitation Attorney Hugh Douglas Whittemore

When you are involved in a child visitation dispute, please contact the Law Office of Fullerton Child Visitation Lawyer Doug Whittemore at (714) 870-9197 to schedule you confidential, in-depth personal consultation with a skilled and knowledgeable attorney.

Conveniently located in Fullerton, Mr. Whittemore represents clients throughout Orange County.


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