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Fullerton Child Support Attorney Hugh Douglas Whittemore

Diamoond Bar Divorce Attorney Hugh Douglas WhittemoreThe Law Office of Fullerton Child Support Attorney Hugh Douglas Whittemore has more than 35 years’ experience providing trustworthy legal advice and representation to clients involved in child support cases.  

A highly knowledgeable lawyer, Mr. Whittemore fights zealously for clients in child support cases and disputes pertaining to child support. An experienced and result-oriented lawyer, Attorney Doug Whittemore works vigorously to resolve these matters with efficiency.

Contact Fullerton Child Support Lawyer Hugh Whittemore at (714) 870-9197 to schedule a confidential, up-front consultation with one the area’s leading attorneys.

During your consultation, Mr. Whittemore will address your concerns, review how child support is calculated, and will give you a preliminary figure based upon the financial information that you provide.

Representing clients in and around Fullerton since 1985, the Law Office of Hugh Douglas Whittemore has earned a reputation for excellence throughout the local legal community, and works tenaciously to protect the rights of his clients.


Child Support Attorney in FullertonFullerton Child Support Attorney Hugh Douglas Whittemore

Under California Law, both parents are expected to support the children equally and to the best of their financial abilities.

Fullerton Child Support Lawyer Hugh Whittemore offers knowledgeable representation to clients in a broad range of child support matters, including:

A seasoned negotiator, Lawyer Hugh Douglas Whittemore has vast experience resolving child support disputes through settlement negotiations.

However, when negotiations do not yield results that are acceptable to one or both parties, Fullerton Child Support Attorney Hugh Whittemore possesses the skills and experience necessary to effectively litigate your matter.

Experienced Fullerton Child Support Lawyer

California’s child support guidelines are very complicated. Pursuant to these guidelines, several details are taken under consideration at the time a Child Support determination is made and a judgment entered.

Due to the complexity of California’s Support Guidelines, it is vital that you hire a knowledgeable Child Support Attorney who possesses a comprehensive understanding of how these factors will impact how much child support will ultimately be awarded.

The following, as they pertain to each party, will be taken under consideration by the Court:

Annual Incentive or Performance Bonuses Business Income of Each Party  Commissions

Disability Payments  Dividend Income Hourly Wages Monies Derived from Income Property

Monthly Salary Pension Income  Social Security Benefits Stock Options  Unemployment Payments Workers Comp Benefits

Additionally, these additional factors are also relevant when making a determination of Child Support:

Additional children Cost of childcare Each party’s federal tax filing status Cost of health care for the benefit of the children Home Insurance Premiums Union Dues (Mandatory) Medical costs for disabled or special needs children Mortgage Interest Parental timeshare Prior support obligations The number of children to be supported

Attorney Hugh Whittemore has comprehensive insight into California’s child support guidelines, and will work zealously to make sure that his clients obtain the most favorable support order possible based on the combined financial assets and financial legal responsibilities of each party.

Call Fullerton Child Support Attorney Doug Whittemore Today for a Consultation

A knowledgeable, highly skilled Fullerton Child Support Lawyer, Doug Whittemore is pleased to offer quality legal representation.

Contact the Law Office of Fullerton Child Support Attorney Hugh Douglas Whittemore today at (714) 870-9197 to arrange your in-depth, honest consultation and case analysis.

Conveniently located in Fullerton, Mr. Whittemore represents clients who live throughout the surrounding communities.

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