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Fullerton Child Custody Attorney Hugh Douglas Whittemore

Diamoond Bar Divorce Attorney Hugh Douglas WhittemoreWelcome to the Law Office of Fullerton Child Custody Lawyer Hugh Douglas Whittemore. Representing clients involved in Child Custody disputes in Fullerton and the surrounding communities since 1985, Mr. Whittemore has helped numerous clients resolve hostile child custody disputes.

Contact Fullerton Child Custody Attorney Doug Whittemore at (714) 870-9197 to schedule an appointment for an in-depth consultation.

Devoted to offering highly effective and personalized legal counsel and representation, Mr. Whittemore will work with you to obtain a clear and concise understanding of your concerns, as well as your primary objectives. He will meet with you to review your matter and give you an honest, intelligent case analysis.

Fullerton Child Custody Lawyer Doug Whittemore will never provide you with misleading information, and will ensure that you are fully aware of your legal options and their potential ramifications, enabling you to make well thought-out decisions.


Child Custody Lawyer in Fullerton

California recognizes two types of custody: Legal Custody and Physical Custody. Fullerton Child Custody Attorney Hugh Douglas Whittemore

Legal Custody determines which parent will have the right to make decisions regarding the schooling, health care and general well-being of the child, and Physical Custody determines with which parent the child will primarily reside.

California courts tend to favor Joint Legal Custody, allowing for each parent to share equally in decision making. However, if the parents are unwilling or unable to effectively communicate or a determination is made that Joint Legal Custody would not be in the best interests of the children, sole legal custody will typically be ordered.

Physical Custody may be shared equally if the parent’s residences are in close proximity. However, if their living arrangements make 50/50 physical custody unfeasible, a parenting plan will be implemented to ensure that the non-custodial parent is able to enjoy a continuous, ongoing relationship with their child.

Fullerton Child Custody Attorney Doug Whittemore represents clients in a wide variety of child custody matters, including:

A skilled negotiator, Mr. Whittemore will work zealously to resolve your child custody matter efficiently and effectively via settlement negotiations.  

If the matter cannot be settled peacefully, Lawyer Doug Whittemore is a seasoned litigator who possesses extensive courtroom experience and will fight vigorously to obtain favorable results on your behalf.  

For answers to your questions about child custody, please call the Law Office of Hugh Douglas Whittemore.

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When you need proficient legal representation to resolve a child custody dispute, Fullerton Lawyer Hugh Douglas Whittemore is here to help.

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Located in Fullerton, Attorney Doug Whittemore has earned a reputation for excellence within the local legal community and represents clients who live throughout the region.

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