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Anaheim Hills Family Law Attorney and Divorce Attorney Hugh D. Whittemore has been providing representation and counsel for individuals in Anaheim Hills and the surrounding areas for over three decades. Call our family law firm if you need assistance with spousal support, divorce, post-judgment modifications, property division, child support, child custody, paternity issues, or other family law matters. La Habra Family Law Attorney Hugh Douglas Whittemore

Our Anaheim Hills family law attorney assists those in Orange County and all over Southern California. Mr. Whittemore’s experience has given him a thorough understanding of the legal concerns that accompany many family law and divorce cases. Anaheim Attorney Whittemore is devoted to protecting client rights and strictly adhering to legal standards.

Mr. Whittemore offers practical legal guidance that helps clients reach goals. As a fully qualified Anaheim Hills family law lawyer and divorce attorney, he works to find the appropriate solution to each individual’s unique case and concerns.

Please fill in the Contact Us form below or phone our law office and schedule a consultation by dialing (714) 870-9197. Anaheim Hills Divorce Attorney Whittemore will provide a thorough case evaluation.

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Anaheim Hills Lawyer Whittemore | Further Practice Areas

For over 35 years, Family Law Attorney Whittemore has been building his reputation for attaining favorable outcomes in family law cases. As a dedicated Anaheim Hills family law attorney, he zealously represents cases from beginning to end. Mr. Whittemore provides assistance in cases such as the following:

Divorce Lawyer: If you have decided to pursue a divorce or your spouse has, Anaheim Hills Divorce Lawyer Whittemore is able to help protect your rights. He educates each client about their rights and obligations as well as the potential risks and benefits of each available option.

Child Visitation Attorney: Anaheim Hills Family Law Lawyer and Child Visitation Lawyer Whittemore helps clients through the divorce process. He is able to assist parents in creating a sensible parenting plan. As an experienced Anaheim Hills divorce attorney and parental relocation lawyer, he is able to craft a functional child visitation plan in order to enable an uninterrupted parent-child relationship.

Child Support Attorney: Mr. Whittemore works to gain the best possible outcome in each case. Using negotiation and litigation when needed, he is able to work effectively for the interests of the family. Child Support Lawyer Hugh Whittemore provides reliable representation from initial determination of child support to the end of the case.

Child Custody Lawyer: If you and your spouse are negotiating shared legal custody or joint physical custody of your child, please contact Child Custody Lawyer Hugh Whittemore.

Paternity Attorney: Our firm works on all types of paternity cases. Please call Paternity Lawyer Whittemore to discuss the options most appropriate for your goals.

Post-Judgment Modifications Lawyer: If you or your former spouse want to make post-judgment modifications regarding child support, child visitation, spousal support, child custody, or other matters, please contact our firm. Post-Judgment Modifications Attorney and Parental Relocation Lawyer Whittemore can provide representation and counsel even if he was not your attorney for the initial proceedings.

Spousal Support Attorney: In California, spousal support is not automatically awarded. It is instead determined by certain factors such as the length of the marriage and the earning capability of each party. Call Spousal Support Lawyer Whittemore to gain valuable guidance and representation on spousal support matters.

Property Division Attorney: If you are facing issues with property division in your family law matter, please contact our law firm. Mr. Whittemore is a skilled property division lawyer who is able to fight for client rights. He will carefully determine the accurate separation date in order to correctly identify community property assets.

Anaheim Hills Lawyer Whittemore | Further Practice Areas

In addition to being an experienced family law lawyer, Mr. Whittemore is also able to provide dependable guidance in additional areas of the law:

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Anaheim Hills Attorney Hugh D. Whittemore offers sound legal guidance in a number of matters. He is a seasoned negotiator and litigator who aggressively works to advance the best interests of clients. Call our firm to schedule a consultation and receive detailed information regarding the options available to resolve your family law dispute.

Anaheim Hills Family Law Lawyer, Bankruptcy Lawyer, Unlawful Detainer Attorney, and DUI Attorney Hugh Douglas Whittemore protects the rights of clients in a variety of legal matters. If you need intelligent representation and counsel in Anaheim Hills or anywhere in Southern California, please contact our law firm.

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