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Anaheim Child Support Lawyer Hugh Douglas Whittemore

Anaheim Child Support Lawyer Hugh Douglas Whittemore

Child Support Attorney Hugh Whittemore serves clients in Anaheim with trustworthy advice and counsel on matters involving financial support and other family law issues. As an experienced Child Support Lawyer, Mr. Whittemore knows how to secure results for his clients.

Anaheim Child Support Attorney Hugh Douglas Whittemore has more than 35 years of experience efficiently resolving child-related disputes. He will thoroughly explain the manner in which this financial support is determined, and he can provide a preliminary estimate of the payments you might expect.

Child Support Attorney Serving Clients in Anaheim

Child support is ordered by the state, and California Law requires both parents to participate in the supporting of their children. The state uses a complex system which considers and weighs several factors before a financial amount is determined.

Guidelines for child support in California include each parent’s financial details as follows:

Monthly Salary

Annual Bonus

Hourly Wage

Business Income

Commission Structure

Dividend Income

Disability Payments

Income from Rental Property


Social Security

Stock Options

Unemployment Benefits

Workers Compensation Benefits

Additional relevant factors are also considered, such as:

Additional Children in the Home

Childcare Costs

Tax Status

Healthcare Costs

Insurance Premiums

Mandatory Union Dues

Medical Expenses for Special Needs Children

Mortgage Interest

Prior Child or Spousal Support Obligations

Parental Timeshare


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With a comprehensive understanding of California’s family law system, Mr. Whittemore provides clients with an honest consultation to address their concerns. He discovers each client’s legal objections, and he informs clients of the rights, obligations, and consequences of their decisions. Child Support Lawyer Whittemore works diligently to secure fair results in support matters which reflect the best interests of the children.

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