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In California, there are two different types of custody which the parents can either share or hold solely. Child Custody Lawyer Hugh Whittemore handles custody cases. Legal Custody refers to the child’s well-being and the ability to make decisions on the child’s healthcare, schooling, religion, activities, and more. Physical Custody refers to the child’s place of residence.

Child Visitation Attorney

As an experienced Child Visitation Lawyer who represents clients in Anaheim, Mr. Whittemore fights to protect the interests of his clients. He understands the importance of your relationship with your child, and he will take every reasonable action while fighting for your rights.

• Dates and Times for Visitation

• Locations for Pick-up and Drop-off

• Instructions for Missed Visitation

• Options or Deadlines for Making Up Missed Time

• Summer and Vacation Schedules

• Rotation for Birthdays and Holidays


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Child Custody Lawyer and Child Visitation Attorney Whittemore is dedicated to resolving your legal matter in an efficient, effective manner. Whether through negotiation or litigation, he fights vigorously to obtain favorable results for you and your family.

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