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Law Office of Hugh Douglas Whittemore | Family Law Information

The practice of family law focuses on divorce and domestic relations such as child visitation, child custody, spousal support, grandparents’ rights, prenuptial/postnuptial agreements, and related matters. Although each family is unique, their family law issues are most often emotionally charged, more intensely so if children are involved. When facing a family law matter, understanding your obligations and rights is important. The choices made in these situations will likely affect your entire family now and far into the future.

Family Law Representation

Having the representation and advice of a family law lawyer can be vital for the protection of one’s rights in divorce cases and related matters. Family Law Attorney Doug Whittemore provides sensible legal counsel as he advocates vigorously to defend client interests. He works with each client closely to find an appropriate solution for their concerns. At times, issues can be resolved through mediation or a settlement. In other situations, litigation may be needed to gain a favorable outcome.Fullerton Attorney Family Law Infomation

Complexity in family law cases can occur due to the fact that one event, such as a divorce, can lead to many related legal issues. When a knowledgeable family law lawyer is advising you, it is more likely that your rights will be protected now and down the road. Knowing this can help remove some of the stress of the divorce or other family law issue.

Divorce in California

Are you considering a divorce in California? If so, or if filing for divorce was already done by your spouse, you may be glad to know there are likely several ways to handle the situation. Contested divorces may have to proceed through the family court system. An uncontested divorce can be resolved by means of negotiation and settlement or divorce mediation. A more complex divorce could result when one spouse attempts to hide assets. In such a situation, our family law lawyer would investigate to discover marital property. Clients are guided through the divorce process from start to finish. This includes issues related to child support, spousal support, child custody, and child visitation as well as division of assets/debts.

Community Property Laws

In the state of California, it is presumed that all property acquired while married belongs to both spouses. When divorce is sought, the law requires that marital assets and debts be divided equally between both parties. Therefore, all assets must be identified and accurately valued. In cases of high-asset divorce, Mr. Whittemore conducts a thorough discovery process to ascertain the true value of the marital property. Exceptions for separate property do exist in cases where something is owned by one spouse only or when property is commingled. In these circumstances, a skilled family law attorney will be able to offer sound guidance regarding the process of property division.

Child Custody after Divorce

When the divorce or separation is final, the supreme goal of most clients is maintaining a healthy relationship with their children. California law requires that the parents’ agreement reflects what is in the best interests of the children. A child custody attorney will guide you in the process so that your rights are preserved in a manner that also serves your children and family appropriately. The family law court may create a timesharing arrangement so the child has time with each parent. A new child custody matter could arise if one parent decides to move far away from the other parent or if there is another change of circumstances.

Domestic Violence Issues

The domestic violence laws in California were implemented with the intent of protecting partners as well as children and any other vulnerable parties closely related to the offender. While relationship conflicts are common, the law can offer protection for individuals if a situation escalates to abuse of a physical or mental nature. Legal representation is critical in these cases as such matters often become part of a contentious legal dispute between two divorcing parties.

Seek Advice from a Knowledgeable Family Law Lawyer

Are you currently involved in a family law matter? Regardless of whether negotiation, mediation, or litigation is needed to resolve the issue, Attorney Hugh Douglas Whittemore at (714) 870-9197 offers a legal consultation to discuss your situation. His decades of experience serve clients dealing with an array of family law matters. Clients across the state of California are offered quality legal representation, and Mr. Whittemore is ready to protect your interests.

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