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Anaheim Child Custody Lawyer | Child Visitation Attorney

Child Custody Attorney and Child Visitation Lawyer Hugh Douglas Whittemore serves clients in Anaheim with effective, personalized representation in matters concerning Child Custody and Child Visitation. With 30+ years of experience, Mr. Whittemore has been a strong legal advocate for the rights of parents involved in custody and visitation disputes.

Anaheim Child Custody Attorney Hugh Whittemore works closely with each client to understand the unique legal concerns related to their case. He offers an up-front analysis as he explains your options to reach your legal goals. Contact Child Visitation Lawyer Whittemore at (714) 870-9197 and schedule your in-depth consultation.

Child Custody Attorney Serving Clients in Anaheim  

In California, there are two different types of custody which the parents can either share or hold solely. Child Custody Lawyer Hugh Whittemore handles custody cases involving:

Legal Custody refers to the child’s well-being and the ability to make decisions on the child’s healthcare, schooling, religion, activities, and more.

Physical Custody refers to the child’s place of residence.

When a parent has sole legal custody, the parent has the right to alone make important choices on the child’s behalf. When each parent is awarded joint legal custody, both parents are charged with making decisions in the child’s best interests.

Physical custody can be shared equally, usually when the parents are living in close proximity. However, if distance is an issue, a parenting plan can be created to ensure the child has access to foster a continuous relationship with the non-custodial parent.

In addition, Anaheim Child Custody Attorney Hugh Whittemore offers skilled representation in following custody-related matters:Anaheim Child Custody Lawyer | Child Visitation Attorney

Child Visitation Attorney

As an experienced Child Visitation Lawyer who represents clients in Anaheim, Mr. Whittemore fights to protect the interests of his clients. He understands the importance of your relationship with your child, and he will take every reasonable action while fighting for your rights.

Anaheim Child Visitation Attorney Whittemore creates legally enforceable parenting plans which can include:

If parents cannot reach agreement on the terms of the visitation schedule, the matter may need to be settled through courtroom litigation. Anaheim Child Visitation Lawyer Hugh Douglas Whittemore vigorously protects the rights of his clients.

Contact our Experienced Child Custody Lawyer Today

Child Custody Lawyer and Child Visitation Attorney Whittemore is dedicated to resolving your legal matter in an efficient, effective manner. Whether through negotiation or litigation, he fights vigorously to obtain favorable results for you and your family.

As an experienced Family Law Attorney, Mr. Whittemore handles many types of legal matters, including divorce and child support issues. If you are seeking changes to the initial determination of custody or visitation, or if you are fighting the changes, Mr. Whittemore will work diligently to obtain your legal goals in the post-judgment modification of court orders.

For immediate legal attention, contact our office by calling (714) 870-9197. Or, complete our Family Law Lawyer Case Evaluation Form, and Anaheim Attorney Whittemore will soon be in contact.